Yanks Indian Club was born 37 years ago in Zandvoort. Originating from a coffee house at the Dorsplein 2, it soon expanded into the surrounding areas as well!

This amazing coffeeshop is very well known for its great quality recreational and medical products and pre-rolled joints, and the qulified staff is always available for any kind of help or in-depth information. Yanks Indian club has a special advantage of staying open until 3 am. It makes it an amazingly fun place where you can party, play games or simply relax for a long time while enjoying the authentic and unique Native American interior style! The amazing interior is accompanied with equally gorgeous and wide terrace where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air!

The location of Yanks is also mind-blowingly attractive. Zandvoort, known as the Beach of Amsterdam, is only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam! Beside offering a wide range of recreational and medical products, The Yanks offers delicious coffee and an amazing line of merchandise!

Tourists from all around the world come to visit Amsterdam as one of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands! However, the surrounding areas are gorgeous too! And one of the most beautiful and popular places in the Netherlands, Zandvoort Beach, is located very close to the city of Amsteram, in the Southwest of the province of North-Holland, exactly 20 minutes away if you take the train and within a 4 minute walk distance you will reach the best coffeeshop in the area, Yanks Indian Club!

It is a home of so many different kinds of restaurants, beach sports and tourist attractions. In the warm summer and spring months, you can see many groups of people enjoying the sands, the sun and the waves. The beaches of Zandvoort are popular for their crazy nightlife, amazing bars, pubs and coffeeshops, which has always been a great way to attract tourists as well as locals hoping for fun times!

But there is so much more to do in Zandvoort than just lying on the beach and ordering cocktails! Zandvoort is a very popular seaside resort and is also a cosy village which lives off tourism and is also very well known for their race circuit (Circuit Park Zandvoort). It has 11 national monuments and a number of interesting sights to see, such as the Town Hall, the water tower of Zandvoort and the bust of Elisabeth in Bavaria.

Here you will also find the The Zandvoort Museum as a center for art and history, The Juttersmu-ZEE-um – a free museum where articles found by beachcombers are put on display, The Holland Casino and Center Parcs Aqua Cinema.

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