The Yanks Indian Club is a concept in Zandvoort. Over 30 years ago, the Yanks Indian Club was created by the needs of local residents.

Soon the Yanks expanded into a concept in Zandvoort and surrounding areas. The Yanks originated from a coffee house at the Dorpsplein 2. Zandvoort residents and tourists were looking for a place where they relaxted to smoke their joint. It did not take long before the Yanks talked to a municipality to make a coffee shop from the coffee shop.

Over the years, the Yanks have become the place to be but one can enjoy top quality soft drugs but also get a good cup of coffee or advice from the Yanks team.

Not for nothing Home of the Medicine man! 

House Rules Yanks Indian Club
ID required
Tolerance and hospitality desired
Observe instructions of staff No access for those who are (visible) drunk
No weapons or drugs
No annoying or aggressive behavior
No discrimination, in any form whatsoever
No own consumptions
No unwanted intimidities Glassware must remain inside or on the terrace No nuisance for neighbors and surroundings