Yanks Indian Club


Yanks Indian Club was born 37 years ago in Zandvoort. Originating from a coffee house at the Dorsplein 2, it soon expanded into the surrounding areas as well!

This amazing coffeeshop is very well known for its great quality recreational and medical products and pre-rolled joints, and the qulified staff is always available for any kind of help or in-depth information.


Inside Yanks

Tourists from all around the world come to visit Amsterdam as one of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands! However, the surrounding areas are gorgeous too! And one of the most beautiful and popular places in the Netherlands, Zandvoort Beach, is located very close to the city of Amsteram, in the Southwest of the province of North-Holland, exactly 20 minutes away if you take the train and within a 4 minute walk distance you will reach the best coffeeshop in the area, Yanks Indian Club!


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